Lake Shastina Community Foundation exists to raise funds to improve the recreational facilities and public safety in and around the community of Lake Shastina.

The Lake Shastina Community Foundation has been established to serve as a vehicle for tax deductible fund raising for the various projects and needs in Lake Shastina. Those projects include Hoy Family Park, Police and Fire Departments, the Community Center, Walking Trails, Boat Docks and other needs that might arise.

In August, 2007 the Hoy Family Park Committee was formed to raise funds for our park. It soon became evident that, without 501c3 status, we were not eligible for Grants and large donations. After much discussion it was decided that Lake Shastina needed a source for fund raising. The Foundation receives the monies and then dispenses them to the organization for which they have been designated. If funds are not designated, the Foundation decides to whom the funds will be allocated. It serves the various sub-boards, the LSPOA (Lake Shastina Property Owner's Association); RHCA (Rancho Hills Community Association)and SPA (Spearpoint Community Association).




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